Welcome to Camp to Belong in Northwest Oregon

Help by giving siblings their right to reunite.

Do you have a brother or sister? As a parent, do you have more than one child? Do you have a best friend who is like a brother or sister? Brothers and sisters fight, argue and tease. Yet they are the first we run to in times of need and celebration. Brothers and sisters are often taken for granted, yet they are most often our longest relationships in life.

A Unique Program for Foster Children

Camp To Belong, one of the most well respected programs for foster children in the country, sustains that connection with memories and inspiration that will take them through their journey in 'Out of Home' care to adulthood.

We have proudly served over 1200 Oregon youth through Camp To Belong Northwest since 2001.

We are dedicated volunteers that are committed to helping foster parents reunite brothers and sisters in Oregon who are placed in separate foster care, kinship care, and adoptive home placements for events of fun, emotional empowerment, and sibling connection.

We do this through providing an amazing week long camp experience each year in Oregon! This camp experience promotes social and emotional well being of children through a purposeful camp program that focuses on them as individuals and as a sibling group.

With over 8,000 youth residing in foster care here in Oregon, 70% are separated from at least one sibling. No fighting over who sits where in the car. No playing pranks on each other. No sharing secrets. No celebrating birthdays together.

You can help us in this worthy cause in so many ways! Volunteer to be a camp counselor! Donate needed items from our wish list for camp. Attend our annual Auction fundraiser event! Be a contributor and donate to camp. Every dollar we raise goes to the campers and youth so deserving of this opportunity!

Our Programs

Our flagship events are our Summer Camp Programs during which we reunite brothers and sisters in a safe, neutral, week-long camp environment to create childhood memories together that they would not have otherwise due to living in separate homes. Each Summer Camp Program provides intentional programming designed to strengthen sibling connection through our Signature Programs, including Art Activities, Sibling Enhancement, Life Seminar, and the Birthday Party Event.

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    Your donations help us to reach our goals to provide a sense of belonging to youth as individuals, and as siblings, giving them opportunities to share childhood memories together.



    Camp To Belong offers many volunteer opportunities across the United States. Volunteers contribute to our organization by serving on various committees such as finance, marketing/public relations, camp standards and member camps.

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